MetroNet Inc. Franchise Approved

The Village Board approved a non-exclusive Franchise Agreement with MetroNet Inc. for the provision of  internet services.  MetroNet is currently installing their network in the Village. Residents in the initial build areas will be receiving letters directly MetroNet. The majority of the Village will be included in the service area.

Additional internet services  provider options have been requested by residents and businesses for quite some time.  The Village has reached out to various providers over the years requesting they consider Sugar Grove. We have been talking to MetroNet for about four years and are pleased that they will soon begin offering services.  All residents will continue to have access to Mediacom.  AT&T also is available within the village but is limited to certain areas. Other wireless dish and antenna options also are available.

For more information please visit  MetroNet’s Construction Communication Site.    For additional information on services provides please visit the MetroNet Website. If you have questions or concerns with Metronet service or the installation process, you may submit your information on their Ask Questions webpage by clicking here or call the Metronet Customer Service line at (877) 386-3876.
Sugar Grove