Winter Weather Mailbox Reminders

Village of Sugar Grove snow plow drivers are careful to avoid damaging mailboxes; however, with limited space to pile snow and hundreds of miles of roadway to plow during each snowstorm, it is difficult for drivers to completely avoid pushing snow against mailboxes.

Here are some tips to ensure your mailbox is ready for the snow this winter season.

• Check that your mailbox post is straight and that the box is not leaning over the curb
• Replace damaged or rotting posts
• Check the connection point between the box and the post to ensure that the box is securely fastened

If your mailbox is damaged during a snowstorm, report it within three business days of the snow event by calling Public Works at 630-391-7230 or send an email to If it is determined that the damage was caused by a plow blade or vehicle, the Village will reimburse the homeowner up to $50 for mailbox repair or replacement. If the damage is caused by snow coming off the plow blade, or some other undetermined cause, the Village will not provide reimbursement.

All reimbursement requests and receipts must be submitted by April 30, 2020. No reimbursements can be made after that date and all costs will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 630-391-7230.

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