Village of Sugar Grove Restaurant Survey Results

On Thursday, January 16, 2020, the Village of Sugar Grove issued an electronic survey to 1,878 resident utility customers via email seeking input regarding restaurant preferences in the Village of Sugar Grove. The Village sought feedback on three questions:

1. How many times per week do you eat out?
2. When you eat out, how often do you travel outside of Sugar Grove?
3. What types of restaurants would you like to see in Sugar Grove that you would frequent?

The survey also included an opportunity to share additional comments. The survey closed at noon on Friday, January 31 with 907 total responses.

Survey Summary
The results of the survey indicate 72% of respondents eat out three times per week or less. Eighty-eight percent of respondents indicated they always (25.8%) or frequently (61.9%) travel outside of Sugar Grove when they choose to eat out. When asked what types of restaurants they would like to see in Sugar Grove, 77% of respondents chose Casual, 74% chose Fast Casual, 51.9% chose Ethnic, 36.4% chose Fine Dining and 18.2% chose Fast Food.

Comment Themes
Three hundred and seven respondents provided additional comments. Themes from those comments are categorized as follows:

More Sit Down Restaurants
Many respondents shared that they would like to have more sit down dining options in the Village.

Healthy Eating Options
Several respondents indicated that they would like to see healthy restaurant options over traditional fast food. Suggestions included Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants and lighter fast casual fare such as Panera Bread.

Breakfast/Lunch Restaurants
Many respondents indicated that they would like a breakfast/lunch restaurant in town.

Brew Pubs/Bars
Some respondents wrote that they would like to see a brew pub in town or a bar and grill/sports bar.

Next Steps
The results of the Restaurant Survey will be used by the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in conjunction with data collected through retail development sources to engage with developers and businesses. In addition, a follow-up survey is being conducted to further gauge resident interest in specific restaurant choices.

Sugar Grove Restaurants
Sugar Grove is already home to several restaurants featuring a variety of styles and price ranges. Below is a list of current Sugar Grove restaurants.

Fireside Grille                                                           49 Sugar Lane
Paisano’s Pizza & Grill                                             98 S. Main Street
King Wok 47                                                              495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste H
Culver’s of Sugar Grove                                          412 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47)
McDonald’s                                                               523 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47)
Sugar Grove Café                                                     1942 W. U.S. Hwy 30
Open Range Southwest Grill                                   1 Golf View Road
Rosati’s Pizza                                                             495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste G
Subway                                                                      495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste I
Jimmy John’s                                                              472 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste A
Genoa Pizza                                                                44 Cross Street
Dunkin’ Donuts                                                          442 N. Sugar Grove Parkway

To view the survey results, click here.

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