Village of Sugar Grove Restaurant Follow-Up Survey Results

In February, the Village of Sugar Grove surveyed 1,901 resident utility customers via email seeking additional input regarding restaurant preferences in the Village of Sugar Grove. This survey was a follow-up to an initial restaurant survey sent in January. The Village sought additional feedback about resident’s preferred restaurants from two lists, one generic and one specific. Respondents were not limited in the number of choices they could select.

The restaurant lists in the follow-up survey were developed using comments received through the initial restaurant survey. Specific restaurants and generic types that received three or more comments in the first survey were listed in the follow-up survey.

The survey closed after nine days with 875 total responses.

Survey Summary
The results of the survey indicate that nearly 70% of respondents would like to see a Mexican restaurant, while more than 50% chose Breakfast, Italian and Bar & Grill restaurant types. 68% of respondents would like a Portillo’s in Sugar Grove. Panera Bread and Cooper’s Hawk were selected by over 48%.

Next Steps
The results of this follow-up survey and the initial Restaurant Survey will be used by the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in conjunction with data collected through retail development sources to engage with developers and businesses.

Sugar Grove Restaurants
Sugar Grove is already home to several restaurants featuring a variety of styles and price ranges. Below is a list of current Sugar Grove restaurants.

Fireside Grille – 49 Sugar Lane
Paisano’s Pizza & Grill – 98 S. Main Street
King Wok 47 – 495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste H
Culver’s of Sugar Grove – 412 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47)
McDonald’s – 523 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47)
Sugar Grove Café – 1942 W. U.S. Hwy 30
Open Range Southwest Grill – 1 Golf View Road
Rosati’s Pizza – 495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste G
Subway – 495 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste I
Jimmy John’s – 472 N. Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47), Ste A
Genoa Pizza – 44 Cross Street
Dunkin’ Donuts – 442 N. Sugar Grove Parkway

To view the survey results, click here.

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