Village of Sugar Grove Police Department Programs Reminder

The Village of Sugar Grove Police Department offers several programs to help safeguard your loved ones, home, belongings and pets.

Premise Alert Program
The Illinois Premise Alert Program encourages people with disabilities or special needs, or their caregivers, to provide information to police, fire and EMS personnel that will allow them to more effectively respond to emergency situations involving citizens with these needs. To register, click here or call 630-391-7250.

Vacation Watch
When planning a vacation, make sure to use the Village’s Vacation Watch program to register your property for additional patrols while you are away.

Bike Management/Pet Management
To protect your bicycles and pets should they become lost or stolen, the Police Department encourages you to use the Bike and Pet Management registries.

To register for Vacation Watch or to register your pet or bike, visit For questions, call the Police Department at 630-391-7250.

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