Village of Sugar Grove July 2021 Restaurant Survey Results

In late July, the Village of Sugar Grove surveyed 2,265 resident utility customers via email seeking input regarding restaurant preferences in the Village of Sugar Grove. Building upon two restaurant surveys sent in early 2020, the Village sought feedback regarding residents’ preferred restaurants asking respondents to list the top five restaurants they would like to see in Sugar Grove. Responses could include restaurant types or specific restaurants.

Survey Summary
Although the responses to the survey are extremely varied, the data reinforce the results of the 2020 surveys, which found that residents would like to see Mexican, Breakfast, Italian and Bar & Grill restaurant types in Sugar Grove as well as restaurants Portillo’s, Panera Bread and Cooper’s Hawk. Those restaurants were joined by Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden, Taco Bell, Chilli’s and Popeyes. While Steakhouse, Sit Down, Sports Bar, Sushi, Brew Pub/Brewery, BBQ, Family Restaurant, Thai and Ice Cream round out the most preferred restaurant types.  Restaurants or types of restaurants that received more than 1% of the vote (33 or more mentions) can be viewed here.

Additionally, Village Trustee Schomas analyzed the data and made a presentation of his findings to the Village Board at the September 7, 2021 Board meeting. To view Trustee Schomas’ presentation, click here.

Next Steps
The results of this survey and the two Restaurant Surveys conducted in early 2020 will be used by the Village in conjunction with data collected through retail development sources to engage with developers and businesses.

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