Tips to Prevent Customer and Technical Support Fraud

Tech and Customer Support Fraud involves a criminal posing as technical or customer support/service to defraud unwitting individuals. Criminals may offer support to resolve such issues as a compromised email or bank account, a virus on a computer, or a software license renewal. Recent complaints involve criminals posing as customer support for financial institutions, utility companies, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

• Legitimate customer, security, or tech support companies will not initiate unsolicited contact with individuals.
• Install ad-blocking software to reduce reduce pop-ups and malvertising (online advertising to spread malware). Ensure all computer anti-virus, security, and malware protection is up to date.
• Be cautious of customer support numbers obtained via open source searching. Phone numbers listed in a “sponsored” results section are likely boosted as a result of Search Engine Advertising.
• Resist the pressure to act quickly. Criminals will urge the victim to act fast to protect their device or account.
• Do not give unknown, unverified persons remote access to devices or accounts.

Customer and Tech support scammers use many different tactics to trick people. To learn how to spot tactics that will help you avoid falling for the scam and what to do if you are a victim of fraud, click here. For additional tips from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.



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