Sugar Grove Sets New Home Fees at $17,850

Recognizing the positive impacts of new home construction, the Sugar Grove Village Board has established 2020 building and permitting fees at a level intended to encourage development throughout the Village. Effective immediately, the maximum cap on new home permit fees is $17,850. This fee is in effect through April 30, 2021.

“The Village has a well-earned reputation for quality homes with lasting value. Senior housing in the Village has received a lot of attention lately, but our detached single-family home construction has remained solid. This growth is partially attributable to a recognition that the Village’s fee structure has to work with other housing market forces.” said Community Development Director Walter Magdziarz.

Village President Sean Michels noted, “The entire Village Board is enthusiastic about the cap. New residents add to the community in so many ways. Economically they contribute to HOA needs, increase the property value base, and support local businesses. More importantly new residents bring an energy that adds to the great community spirit that already exists.”

Sugar Grove has an available inventory ranging from individual lots for sale to multi-lot packages to raw land zoned and ready for development.

The Sugar Grove Community Development staff is happy to assist developers, builders, and individuals with their projects. If you are interested in building in Sugar Grove, call 630-391-7220 or email

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