Sugar Grove Police Department Reminds You to Lock It or Lose It

Unlocked vehicles are a target for thieves. Sugar Grove Police report that approximately 99 percent of all thefts from vehicles are the result of people leaving their car doors unlocked or leaving items of value in the car where would-be thieves can easily spot them. Individuals target vehicles and pull on car door handles to see if you have left your vehicle unlocked. Some offenders are brave enough to push the garage door opener to access your garage and yes, your home.

Keep your vehicle and garage doors locked at all times, even in your driveway, and do not leave your keys in your vehicle.  Also, be sure to not leave packages in plain sight as this can be an invitation to a would-be-thief.

By simply locking the doors of your vehicle and by taking valuable items with you or hiding them in a locked trunk, you can dramatically reduce the risk of being a crime victim.

Sugar Grove