Solicitors and Telemarketers

Solicitors are required to be registered with the Sugar Grove Police Department and display their registration on them. Every company that solicits must be issued a registration and each person must have their registration displayed on them. This registration contains their picture, expiration date and company information.

Although some solicitors may say that Sugar Grove has approved of them please be advised that the only approval given by the Village is the approval of a solicitors registration. Sugar Grove does not use solicitors nor telemarketing to promote any product or service. The only exception to receiving a phone on behalf of the Village would be from United Meters Inc. (UMI) who is working with us to replace water meters. Water meter replacement is a service performed at no charge. The Village will always send any information about new services using the USPS, via email and by posting on the website.

Solicitors are allowed to solicit from, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and not on Sundays or on local, state and national holidays. They also are allowed to knock or ring only at the front door. A license or registration from another municipality cannot be used in Sugar Grove.

If you prefer not to have solicitors come to your door, simply put a sign on your door that states “No Soliciting” (Scouts, Local School fund raisers, and religious groups are exempt). Mobile vendors (e.g. ice cream vendors) must also be licensed. These licenses contain their pictures and must be displayed on the vehicle.

The Village does not endorse any company or service that may solicit. Registration is for tracking purposes only.

Should a solicitor not have proper identification, ignore a No Soliciting sign, or will not leave when asked CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Sugar Grove