Sidewalks & Pedestrians

Sidewalk – A paved area off to the side of a roadway for pedestrians.

Pedestrian – A person travelling by foot

Sidewalks and pedestrians naturally go together.  However sometimes a pedestrians travels are hampered by objects that do not naturally occur or belong on a sidewalk.  Please do not block a sidewalk with a vehicle, as this will cause a pedestrian to have to leave the sidewalk, typically in the street putting them in an unsafe position.

Also, remind your children not to leave items such as large toys, bike, ramps and other recreational items on the sidewalk.  Not only can they be easily stolen, they can cause a pedestrian to trip.

Additionally as a pedestrian, please use sidewalks & pathways and not the streets whenever possible.  Your safety is of our utmost concern

Village Code 7-1-1:

  1. Obstruction Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to cause, create or maintain (except as by ordinance may be provided) any obstruction or artifice on any street, alley, sidewalk, right of way, parkway or other public property.

Village Code 1-4-1:

…any person found to have been in violation…shall be fined a maximum of $750.00…

Help your neighbors and help your wallet. Don’t park across the sidewalk.

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