The Village of Sugar Grove is seeking a qualified Consulting Engineering Firm to perform design and construction engineering services for the Village’s Blackberry Creek Bridge & Shared Use Path Improvements project.

The Consulting Engineer shall perform and carry out, in a professional and satisfactory manner, the necessary services to complete the requirements included in this project. At this time the Village anticipates starting this work in early 2022 with construction being completed in 2023.

The services to be provided are described in the Minimum Scope of Services section of this proposal. All work must adhere to Village and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) standards as required. In addition, this project will be funded utilizing Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program funds therefore all design engineering, construction and construction engineering must meet Federal and IDOT standards.

This project consists of installing 1,220 feet of new shared use path and new bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Blackberry Creek. The proposed project will extend from the sidewalk of Belle Vue Lane in the Windsor Pointe subdivision to the existing Virgil Gilman regional bike trail. Additional work includes earth excavation, aggregate base course, a 14’ clear span bicycle/pedestrian bridge, signage, pavement markings, erosion control, tree removal and landscape restoration.


The Phase II & III portion of this project is funded by Federal, State and local sources and will be administered through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program.  The selection of the consultant will follow the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process in accordance with Section 5-5 of the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual.


Below is the minimum scope of services associated with the Phase II and Phase III engineering for the Village’s Blackberry Creek Bridge & Shared Use Path Improvements project. All work is to be performed according to the general industry engineering standards established by IDOT.

Phase II Scope of Services


  1. Attend the IDOT Phase II Kick-Off Meeting, including preparation of the required agenda/exhibits and minutes.
  2. Provide necessary personnel, materials, equipment and transportation to make necessary investigations, measurements, computations and analysis to perform field and office civil engineering services for design of the project.
  3. Attend progress meetings with the Village and other stakeholders.
  4. Survey services as needed to complete the plans.
  5. Obtain clearances and/or permits for all regulatory agencies as required by the project scope.
  6. Coordinate with all utilities impacted by the project.
  7. Provide right-of-way certification for any required easements from Sugar Grove Park District and Kane County Forest Preserve District.
  8. Attend any necessary public meetings or public hearings.
  9. Preparation and coordination of Environmental updates and/or required documents.
  10. Perform geotechnical investigations for CCDD screening.
  11. Perform any necessary drainage design.
  12. Prepare detailed Phase II plans per IDOT standards and submit to IDOT.
  13. Prepare specifications, cost estimates and other documents necessary to complete all of the required Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) submittals to IDOT. Breakout quantities in the SOQ as necessary.
  14. Submit the Pre-Final (95%), Initial Final (99%) and Final (100%) PS&E submittals to IDOT per the IDOT Region One Letting Schedule.
  15. Complete additional PS&E submittals if required by IDOT review comments.
  16. Provide a disposition of comments to all IDOT reviews.
  17. Adhere to any other requirements as needed according to the current IDOT District 1 BLR Phase II Plans and Specifications Guidelines.
  18. Answer any contractor questions and process any required addendums as required by IDOT Central Office during bidding.
  19. Provide project administration and management.


Phase III Scope of Services


  1. Attend an IDOT preconstruction meeting with all interested parties to discuss goals, objectives, and issues.
  2. Conduct a local preconstruction meeting with all interested parties to discuss goals, objectives, and issues that the Village may have. Submit meeting minutes to the Village for review and approval.
  3. Review the plans and specifications in depth, verifying quantities, elevations and dimensions relevant to the project. Also, anticipate any potential conflicts or issues and develop solutions prior to construction.
  4. Review contractor’s proposed construction schedule for compliance with contract. Submittals should be included on this schedule as well as all major subcontractors (underground, paving, etc).
  5. Set up field books, quantity books, diary, job box and all other forms of proper project documentation.
  6. Prepare a project contact list with names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers for all contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers for the project. Also, submit 24 hour contact numbers for applicable parties
  7. Provide a resident engineer for required daily activities such as: observing the progress and quality of the work and determining if the work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents. Maintain site presence at all times when the contractor is working. Disapprove any work failing to conform to the contract documents and immediately inform Village and IDOT representatives. Verify that there are no deviations from the contract documents unless authorized by Village and IDOT representatives.
  8. Keep inspector’s daily reports and quantity book records up to date. Also maintain project diary noting all necessary observations. Advise if contactor is falling behind schedule. Submit weekly reports from IDOT’s Construction and Materials Management System (CMMS) to IDOT and the Village.
  9. Maintain orderly files of all relevant project documents so that they can be easily accessed.
  10. Perform quantity measurements to prepare pay estimates and change orders to review with contractor and submit to Village for review and submittal to IDOT.
  11. Provide liaison functions related to coordination of contractors, utilities, developers, other agencies and property owners engaged or affected by the project.
  12. Maintain daily contact with contractor to monitor schedule and recommend actions that should be taken if falling behind.
  13. Maintain daily contact with the Village and IDOT representatives to inform on all relevant project information.
  14. Inspect, document, and inform the contractor and the Village of the adequacy of the establishment and maintenance of traffic control. Perform all necessary traffic control checks. Document deficiencies and contractor responses to notices of the same. Inform Village and IDOT of deficiencies and if contractor does not correct or enforce as contract stipulates.
  15. Provide construction layout as needed.
  16. Provide Quality Assurance (QA) services in accordance with IDOT QC/QA practices and procedures (contractor will provide QC). Provide necessary coordination and qualified personnel to perform work for all materials. Obtain and test soil, asphalt, concrete, and aggregate samples to perform necessary testing to fulfill QA/geotechnical requirements. Reports shall be prepared in a timely manner and coordinated with QC data. The consultant shall fulfill the requirements as the QA manager.
  17. Prepare minutes for all meetings and distribute to appropriate parties.
  18. Maintain set of working drawings as construction is progressing.
  19. Provide all necessary equipment, instruments, supplies, transportation, and personnel required to perform duties of the project team.
  20. Maintain and periodically transmit to contractor a running punch list to expedite project close out.
  21. Obtain material acceptance certifications as materials are incorporated into the project to expedite project closeout. Withhold payment until material inspection and certifications are provided.
  22. Monitor and document erosion control and ensure conformity with the plans and standards.
  23. Provide the Village with regular invoicing and provide supporting documentation as requested in order for the Village to submit for reimbursement in accordance with Section 5-10 of the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual.
  24. Perform final inspection with representatives from lDOT, the Village, the contractor, and all applicable utilities to finalize punch list. Document the items in the final punch list and submit them to the contractor for close out. Verify completion of all work and provide a recommendation to Village.
  25. Prepare record drawings. Submit the drawings in a hard copy and digital form.
  26. Verify that all documentation is accomplished and that all material inspections and certifications have been accounted for and are complete.
  27. Provide all documentation associated with the final balancing change order and final pay estimate.
  28. Complete job box and conduct all audit(s) with IDOT. The job box will remain property of the Village.
  29. Close out project with IDOT within a reasonable time frame after all construction is completed.



Please submit two (2) hard copies and one (1) digital copy of your firm’s qualifications for services by 12:00 PM, Wednesday, September 29, 2021.  The digital copy should be in PDF format on a flash drive.  Questions related to this RFQ should be submitted by email to Anthony Speciale:  All questions must be received by 4:00 PM on Thursday, September 23, 2021.  The Village will provide the final response to all consultants by 4:00 PM on Friday, September 24, 2021.

The statement of qualifications (SOQ) should be mailed or hand delivered in a sealed envelope marked “Village of Sugar Grove – Blackberry Creek Bridge & Shared Use Path  – Design & Construction Engineering Services SOQ” to Anthony Speciale, Director of Public Works, 10 South Municipal Drive, Sugar Grove, IL  60554.

All submittals must be thorough, complete and accurate. A table of contents and sectional tabs should be provided for all submittals.

Submittals should include:

  1. Firm Information

A title page that includes the following information: name of firm, local address, telephone number, fax number, name of contact person, location of branch offices, if any, and states in which your firm is licensed to practice.  Additional general firm information can be provided but is limited to four pages (single sided).

  1. IDOT Pre-Qualifications

As a prequalification of submittal, all prime consultants must be pre-qualified by IDOT and must submit documentation of their current prequalification status for the following:

  • Highways – Roads and Streets
  • Special Services – Construction Inspection

As a prequalification of submittal, the prime consultants or sub-consultant must be pre-qualified by IDOT and must submit documentation of their current prequalification status for the following:

  • Structures – Highway: Simple
  1. Sub-Consultants

List sub-consultants, if any, that will be used.  Provide a copy of the firm’s current prequalification status with IDOT.

  1. Project Team

Provide biographical data and experience on key professional members of the firm(s) who could be directly involved with this particular project. Each resume should be limited to two pages (single sided).  The key personnel should include the following:

  • Project Manager who will be responsible for coordinating all activities. Must be a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois with Phase II and III experience. Maximum one (1) person listed.
  • Typical Design Engineer for Phase II projects. Must be a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois. Maximum two (2) people listed.
  • Structural Engineer who will be responsible for the bridge design. Must be a Licensed Structural Engineer in the State of Illinois.
  • Resident Engineer who will be responsible for overseeing all construction engineering activities (must be a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois and have a current certificate for IDOT’s “Documentation of Contract Quantities”).
  • Construction Engineer(s) who will be responsible for assisting the Resident Engineer and have a current certificate for IDOT’s “Documentation of Contract Quantities”.
  • Any sub-consultants that will be part of the project team
  • Any additional staff that will be involved in Federally-funded projects. Maximum one (1) person listed.


  1. Similar Project Experience

Provide four recent examples of projects within the last five years that were federally funded or similar in nature to this project. Include a description of each project, including location, client, and scope of professional services delivered by your firm and the project team that staffed the project (project manager, resident engineer, inspector(s), etc.), duration of the project, and project cost.  Project Experience is limited to four pages (single sided).


The selection criteria and weightings for project selection are indicated below.

  1. Firm Experience (30%). The entity’s general experience, stability and qualifications related to similar federally funded Phase II, Phase III projects and locally funded projects of similar nature.
  2. Staff Capabilities (30%). The education, experience, and expertise of the entity’s principals and key employees.  Qualifications and experience of personnel to perform the necessary engineering services in accordance with general industry engineering standards established by IDOT.
  3. Past Performance (30%). The entity’s history of performance on projects similar to the one under consideration.
  4. Local Presence (10%). Knowledge of local community and proximity of the engineering entity to the Village Hall.


A selection committee comprised of staff from the Village will evaluate the SOQ’s. The SOQ’s will be reviewed, evaluated, and scored, using the criteria and weights defined above. The selected consultant will be notified and a final scope and hours will be negotiated.   The engineering agreement will be Cost Plus Fixed Fee format using the BLR 05530 form. The selected consultant shall also submit draft BC 775 and BC 776 (if needed) forms for review with the draft BLR 05530.


The Village will begin reviewing the SOQ’s on Wednesday September 29, 2021.  The Village intends to have negotiations completed and all of the draft forms (BLR 05530, BC 775, BC 776 (if needed)) submitted by October 8, 2021.


The engineering agreement will not be presented to the Village Board until after the agreement is reviewed by IDOT.  IDOT will review the engineering agreement to verify elements of contract costs, acceptable indirect cost rate(s) for application to contracts and assuring consultant compliance with the Federal cost principles.  Approval of the engineering agreement is subject to IDOT review and eventual approval by the Village Board.

Blackberry Creek Bridge & Shared Use Path – Location Map

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Blackberry Creek Bridge & Shared Use Path Phase II & Phase III RFQ

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