Remember to Recycle Right

Industry data shows that one in four items placed in recycling totes is not actually recyclable. Although we may want all of our waste to be recyclable, much is not. Putting the wrong items in a recycling tote can cause a batch of otherwise good materials to go to the landfill. Here are a few reminders to help you Recycle Right.

Focus on recycling common items such as metal cans, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, and clean cardboard and paper. If you are not sure if an item can be recycled, put it in the trash to avoid contamination. Also, do not bag your recyclables, just place items directly into your recycling tote.

• Metal Cans and Foil
• Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Tubs
• Office Paper, Newspaper and Magazines
• Paper Cardboard, Dairy and Juice Containers
• Flattened Cardboard and Paperboard
• Glass Bottles and Jars

• Plastic bags and film (may be recycled at Jewel stores)
• Food waste
• Styrofoam containers and cups
• Plastic Clamshell containers (Berry, Salad and Baked Goods containers)
• Tissues, Paper Towels and Napkins
• Tanglers (Hangers, Hoses, Wires, Cords)
• Medical waste
• Electronics, Household Hazardous Waste and Batteries (DC Recycling has special pickup days for these items. Visit to learn more and schedule a pickup)

Plastic Bag and Film Recycling
Jewel/Osco stores offer a plastic bag and film recycling program. Bags from any retailers may be placed in the plastic bag recycling bin at the entrance of the store. For more information, visit

What kinds of bags can be recycled at Jewel?
• Plastic grocery bags (from any retailer)
• Dry cleaning bags
• Produce bags
• Trash can liners
• Bread bags

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