Recreational Vehicle Parking Reminder

As boats and RVs start to make their way home for winter storage, the Village of Sugar Grove would like to remind residents of our recreational vehicle parking ordinance (Section 6-3-8).

Campers, boats, utility trailers and other recreational vehicles may only be parked in a side or rear yard in residential areas. To be parked in a side or rear yard, vehicles must be on an improved surface such as concrete, blacktop or paving stone. Vehicles, such as those described, may be parked in the front yard driveway for a period not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours for the purpose of loading and unloading such vehicles within any given fourteen (14) day period.

To view the recreational vehicle parking ordinance in its entirety, click here. For more information regarding recreational vehicle parking, please contact the Community Development Department at (630) 391-7220.

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