Public Comment Sought – Gordon Road Corridor Study Project

After being awarded a Statewide Planning and Research Grant, the Village of Sugar Grove partnered with the Village of Montgomery, Kane County, and Kendall County to perform a corridor protection engineering study for Gordon Road from Galena Road in Montgomery, north to Galena Boulevard in Sugar Grove.

Per IDOT “The Corridor Protection Statute provides an important tool for responsible planning in areas of high growth because it allows the identification of future transportation facilities prior to costly and conflicting development of land.” In this case, the study will allow the Villages of Sugar Grove and Montgomery and the Counties of Kane and Kendall to plan for the corridor design, construction, and for the funding of the different segments of the corridor.

The proposed study includes analysis of existing and proposed regional traffic both with and without the construction of the Gordon Road extension. The study also includes preliminary analysis of drainage, floodplain, wetlands, and impacts due to the proposed roadway extension.

The project partners seek to involve and obtain comments from the public regarding impacts along the corridor. At this time, a Public Information Meeting is not feasible due to the COVID-19 pandemic; so, we are providing project information on-line to share information and solicit feedback.

A preliminary alignment and right-of-way need for the Gordon Road extension have been outlined, and this information is provided in exhibits for review by property owners along the corridor as well as the public for comment. To view the exhibits, click here.

All questions or comments can be sent or discussed with Ms. Colleen Jaltuch of Engineering Enterprises, Inc. via email ( or via phone (630-466-6751). Comments received by June 30, 2020 will be made part of the public record and will be considered as the corridor protection engineering study is finalized.

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