Mallard Point Drainage Information

This project is complete.

Update: 09/12/2019

The installation of approximately 400 feet of replacement pipe has been completed along the west side of the pond.  The new pipe is in service. The dewatering wells that were installed for the project have been removed. Site restoration is currently in process and will continue, weather permitting.


Update: 09/05/2019

J&S Construction has started the project to replace a section of the pipe and will continue, weather permitting.

Update: 08/30/2019

Kelly Dewatering completed the installation of the 13 dewatering wells on August 28, 2019. The Dewatering Wells are currently in use to draw down the ground water level to facilitate the excavation work. J&S Construction is scheduled to start to replace a section of the pipe on Wednesday September 4, 2019, weather permitting.


Update 08/16/2019

Residents may notice additional activity as the Village continues the investigation and the repairs of the pipeline.  The Village has contracted with Kelley Dewatering and Construction Company to begin to dewater the underground area on the west side of Mallard Point.


Because of increased water elevations at the monitoring wells, a large depression on the main line just south and west of the pond, and phone calls from residents noting that their sump pumps have been running with an increased frequency, Staff conducted an advanced investigation of the Mallard Point drainage system. It was discovered that there is an issue with the pipe in the area of the depression that is impeding the free flow of water resulting in higher ground water levels.

Following consultation with Trotter and Associates Engineering, staff initiated temporary bypass pumping around the troubled area. This is successfully reducing ground water levels. Trotter and Staff agree that the next step of the repair is to replace approximately 400 feet of pipe between two existing manhole structures. The area must be dewatered before the repair can be made.

Staff is in the process of working with qualified contractors.

For more information, please contact Brad Merkel at 630-391-7230.

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