Meter Reading – Help Us Help You

As you probably know, the Village has upgraded our meter reading system.  The system sends staff a message if your usage is higher than normal.   The Village wants to make sure that we can get a message to your household or business as quickly as possible if  we receive an alert that you are using more water than is average for you.

If you believe the Village may not have a current phone number or email address in our billing system please send this information in an email to  Be sure to include your name and address as well.  This information will not be shared with anyone.

Additionally, if you have a meter change out and use your banks online payment system to pay your bill, please double check to ensure your new account number is reflected in the “payee” section.  New account numbers begin with a 03, old account numbers begin with 02.   Some customers have not updated their account numbers, which can result in a payment post delay.

Again, help us help you by insuring we can reach you by sending us updated contact information and double-checking your account number.

Sugar Grove