Electrical Aggregation Program FAQ

The Village manages an Electrical Aggregation program for its residents. The Village negotiates with electric suppliers for electric rates that are more favorable than ComEd’s. The Village’s current program features rates for residents that match the ComEd rate, but the program provides 5% renewable power to residents.

A recent mailing was sent on March 18, 2022 to certain residents regarding recent changes to their specific accounts.

Q: I just received a letter about the program. Why did I receive it?
A: You are a participant in the Village’s electric aggregation program and your account is being moved either to ComEd or to the Village supplier. There is no change to your electric rate as our program’s rate matches the ComEd rate. And ComEd continues to bill you monthly. The Village manages this program as the supplier provides 5% renewable energy under the program.

Q: Is this a scam?
A: No, the Village is aware of this. The change to your account is the result of the Village’s aggregation program.

Q: How will this impact my bill?
A: There is no difference to your billing rate. The Village’s aggregation program is billed at the prevailing ComEd rate. Your rate cannot be higher (or lower) than the ComEd rate.

Q: Why does the Village manage this program, if my rate is no different than ComEd’s?
A: 5% of the power to homes of residents in the program is procured from renewable energy sources. Additionally, the program’s supplier contributes monies to the Village to enhance the community.


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