Village Government and Functions

President: The Village of Sugar Grove is a non-home rule municipality governed by a Village President and a Board of six trustees (the “Village Board”). The President of the Board of Trustees is elected at large for a four year term, is called Mayor or President, and serves as the chief elected official of the Village and presides at all Board of Trustees meetings and ceremonial occasions. While not required to vote at Board meetings except to break a tie or to make a quorum, the President may veto any Ordinance and any resolution or motion which (i) creates any liability against the Village, (ii) that provides for the expenditure or appropriation of its money, or (iii) sell any Village property, but the veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the Trustees. With the advice and consent of the Board, the President appoints non-elected Village officials.

Trustees: The six Trustees of the Village Board are elected at large to serve for four-year overlapping terms and may be re-elected for an indefinite number of terms. The Board formulates policy, usually in the form of resolutions and ordinances, and is directly responsible to the citizens of Sugar Grove.

Advisory Boards/Commissions: The President and Village Board are assisted by several appointed advisory commissions and boards: Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, Police Pension Board, Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. The President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees appoints members of these Boards and Commissions.

Sugar Grove