Crown Development Update – May 7, 2019

Crown Community Development withdrew their rezoning petition for approximately 760 acres at the intersection of I-88 and Sugar Grove Parkway (IL 47) in February 2019 citing the widespread public opposition as the reason for their decision. The development was to include warehouse and manufacturing as well as commercial and residential components.

In late April 2019 Crown representatives requested to meet with all members of the Village Board. Individual meetings with the then current, and to be seated, Village Board members took place in early May. At these meetings Crown representatives expressed what they heard through the process prior to their withdrawal and expressed their preference to develop the property in the Village of Sugar Grove. Village Board members listened, asked questions and also expressed concerns and ideas for a positive outcome. Primary concerns discussed included zoning, land use, open space, TIF, air quality, storm water, and traffic.

Days before the meetings, Crown informed the Village that they were also talking to the Village of Elburn about the possibility of annexing to Elburn and developing the property as part of that community. Elburn staff confirmed that Crown had approached them and that if developed in Elburn, the development would likely not include a residential component.

During the meetings Crown stated that they are considering all of their options to develop the property.

The Village of Sugar Grove is currently in the process of negotiating renewed/revised boundary agreements with Aurora, North Aurora and Batavia. The Village does not have a Boundary Agreement with Elburn. Sugar Grove and Elburn were discussing the creation of a boundary agreement, however, Elburn has put a hold on those discussions, we believe in part, due to Crown’s interest in annexing to their village.

The Village of Sugar Grove continues to believe that the Crown property should develop within the Village of Sugar Grove and remains engaged in constructing a solution that recognizes the concerns of the residents of Sugar Grove, the greater community, and Crown.

Sugar Grove