Door-to-Door Solicitors – Residents Reminded to Use Caution

The Village of Sugar Grove requires solicitors to be registered with the Police Department prior to any door-to-door solicitation within Village limits. A solicitor’s permit may then be issued for 30 days and must be displayed at all times while soliciting. This permission may be revoked upon violation of any Village ordinance, State law or regulation.

Hours of solicitation are limited to 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Canvassing or soliciting on Sundays and state and national holidays is prohibited. Residents who do not welcome solicitors at their home may post a “NO SOLICITING” sign. Solicitors may not knock on doors displaying “NO SOLICITING” sign. If unlicensed solicitors come to your door or if they ignore a posted sign, please contact the Police Department at 630-391-7250.

The Village encourages residents to exercise caution when interacting with door-to-door salesmen and to ask anyone who knocks on your door to sell you a product to present their Village registration certificate. If anyone comes to your place of residence selling products or services and cannot provide a valid permit, please contact the Village of Sugar Grove Police Department at 630-391-7250.

Energy Supply Vendors

While these solicitors are allowed to canvass if they have a valid permit, residents are urged to use caution when pursuing electric supply vendor options.

Be sure to get all of the details before choosing a supply company as some supply vendors have variable rates that may spike after the start of the new contract, as well as charge penalties for exiting a contract early. Also be alert for utility scams. Some energy suppliers employ door-to-door salesmen to recruit new customers with promises of lower rates for switching. Salespeople may ask for your name, address and utility account number, but not a credit card, however, that information is enough to switch your provider either with your blessing or by “slamming,” the illegal practice of switching customers to another provider without their consent.

To protect yourself, avoid unsolicited offers and compare the rate of service and all terms and conditions before signing any contract or agreement. For a listing of electric supply vendors in Illinois and to compare rates and terms of state-vetted suppliers, please visit

Nicor Gas

Nicor Gas has created a webpage with information to help you identify their employees and avoid utility scams. Click here to learn more.

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