Don’t Forget Your Home Improvement Permits

Do You Need a Permit for Your Home Improvement Project? YES!

With the weather improving and time to spare, many residents are tackling home improvement projects. However, before getting started, make sure to get a building permit. A building permit application must be submitted and issued prior to starting a project. Building permits are required for all construction, including but not limited to, alteration, repair, demolition or movement of all structures including any electrical, mechanical and plumbing, additions, interior remodeling, re-siding, accessory structures and lawn sprinklers.

Occasionally, the Village will receive a request for copies of permits or inspection reports by realtors, banks, and potential buyers of a home to insure permits and appropriate inspections were issued and performed. Don’t risk your investment by not being able to show that your home improvements were completed correctly and safely.

Completing work without a permit can have other financial implications as permit fees can double and fines may be assessed if work is done without a permit or prior to it being issued. Wall and ceiling materials may have to be removed so inspections can be performed.

If a disaster such as a fire due to bad electrical work or water damage due to improper plumbing, etc. were to occur, the homeowner’s insurance company may have the ability to deny the claim due to the work being performed without a permit.

Permit applications and other information are available at or contact Community Development at 630-391-7220 or

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