Street Drainage System and Roadway Flooding


Streets are an important part of the Village’s overall Stormwater Management System. Both the storm sewers located below the street, or ditches located along the street, and the roadway itself serve to convey stormwater to designed locations. At times blockages can occur, which can cause undesired flooding conditions that may cause roads to become impassable. It is important to understand the basics of how streets are used to convey stormwater, in order to identify when problems may occur.

Streets and Stormwater Management

Many streets are designed and built with curb and gutter along the street and with storm sewers underneath the pavement. The curb and gutter directs stormwater from the pavement into the storm sewers. These storm sewers not only collect water from the roadway, but also connect to other drainage systems to collect water from yards and subdivisions and transport the stormwater to detention basins and other outlets.

How Residents Can Help

Keep it Clear
Many stormwater blockages in streets occur due to clogged storm sewer inlets. If there is an inlet in the street adjacent to your home, residents are asked to keep this drain clear of all obstructions including leaves, grass and debris. Debris at storm sewer inlets also build-up after a storm event, which is a good time to check the inlet to make sure that the system will work well in the next storm. If you observe a clogged storm sewer inlet else where in the village, or cannot clear the debris yourself, please contact630/466-7508 to report the location.

Never Dump Into a Storm Sewer Inlet
It is important to never dump any debris, including but not limited to landscape waste, garbage or chemicals into a storm sewer inlet. While bulky materials can cause flooding, chemicals and other wastes that are dumped into a storm sewer eventually drain into the river, which threatens fish and wildlife and pollutes the water. If you observe this violation, or to find out how to properly dispose of waste products, please contact 630/391-7230.

Too Deep to Drive?
If during or after a rain event you arrive upon a roadway where you cannot determine the depth of the water in the street – for your own safety – do not drive down the street. Find an alternate route and immediately report the flooded roadway location to 630/391-7230.

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