Utility Billing

Village of Sugar Grove Utility bills include charges for water, sanitary sewer and refuse. Utility bills are always due on the 17th of each month. Should the due date fall on a weekend or a holiday the payment shall be due on the following business day. Bills are considered delinquent if not paid on or before the 17th.

It is the Village’s policy to ensure that all customers of the Village are treated equally and to ensure the integrity of the Water, Sewer, and Refuse systems funds. The Village has provided guidelines meant to ensure, that due to the inability of some customers to make payment that the systems remain solvent and the inability of some does not cause any undue burden to others.

The Village recognizes that from time to time customers need an extension due to unforeseen circumstance in order to pay their utility service bill. The Village does offer payment plans to those who contact us by the 17th of the month. Payment plans are meant to be used from time to time and not habitually.

If you need to stop or start service or submit a temporary address change please click here.

  • Pay your bill online.  Click on Utility Billing Search and enter your account number found on your bill.
  • Pay your bill automatically with Direct Debit from your checking account
  • Pay in Person at Village Hall (credit, debit, cash or check) – 10 S. Municipal Drive, Sugar Grove, IL 60554
  • A 24-hour Drop Box is located in the parking lot outside the main entrance to Village Hall, next to the planter
  • Payments are accepted at the Sugar Grove branches of 1st National Bank, First Secure, and Old Second.
  • Pay By Mail.  Be sure to allow five days to assure crediting by the due date
  • On-Line Banking thru your Financial Institution. When using your financial institutions banking option it can take up to 10 (ten) business days for a check to reach the Village.  If you utilize on-line banking remember there can be delays, so schedule your payment accordingly. PHONE PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED

Accounts that have payments declined for Non Sufficient Funds  (NSF) will be assessed a $35.00 NSF fee, per occurrence. 

Sign-Up for Paperless Billing
To help our residents “Go Green,” the Village offers paperless billing.  To sign-up, click here Sign up for Paperless Billing and complete the online form.  You will be notified via email when your utility bill is issued instead of receiving a traditional paper bill in the mail. Please note, this is not a direct debit service. You may contact Utility Billing at 630-391-7202 or by email at genlog@sugargroveil.gov with any questions.

Rates as of May 1, 2019 Billing

Water Per 1,000 gallons Sanitary Sewer Per 1,000 gallons Water per gallon Sanitary Sewer      per gallon

Water Maintenance

Sewer Maintenance Meter Charge Road Maintenance Refuse
Resident $5.18 $5.21 $0.00518 $0.00521 $17.00 $15.29 $1.50 $6.48 $18.28
Non-Resident $6.75 $6.76 $0.00675 $0.00676 $17.00 $15.29 $1.50 n/a n/a


The Village Water System has meters that read in gallons and some that read in thousand gallons.  Most of the new meters account numbers begin with 03, and read in gallons.  Older meters (02 accounts) read in thousand gallons.

Meter Readings – Actual/Estimated Reads
If the “Bill Type”’ is listed as “A”, this means that the current read on your bill is the Actual Read from your meter. If the “Bill Type” is listed as “E”or ESTIMATE, this means that your Actual read was not available and the reading was Estimated.  Please call our Utility Billing Department at 630-391-7202 to obtain the reason for the estimation and to determine whether or not a meter repair appointment is necessary. There is no charge for meter repair.

Late payments
Payments must be received in our office by the due date to avoid a 10% penalty charge. Failure to receive a bill or payment by the due date does not excuse the late charge. Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the Due Date to avoid the penalty charge.

Effective May 1, 2018 fees for utility accounts (water, sewer and refuse) that are delinquent as defined by the code of ordinances of the Village of Sugar Grove shall hereby be assessed:

Delinquent Accounts

  • Disconnection Notice Fee:
    • $35.00 per occurrence
  • Disconnection Fee:
    • Within regular working hours $35.00 per occurrence
    • After regular working hours $75.00 per occurrence
  • Disconnection Other:
    • Disconnection Fee Within regular working hours $35.00 per occurrence
    • After regular working hours $75.00 per occurrence.

Need more time to pay your Village of Sugar Grove Utility Bill?  

Village of Sugar Grove Sewer Maintenance Charges vs. Fox Metro Sewer Treatment Charges
The Village of Sugar Grove Sewer Maintenance Charge is for the maintenance of the physical sewer lines that run through the infrastructure. This charge will fluctuate as it is based on your water usage.
Fox Metro Water Reclamation District provides sewer treatment service for residents of the Village of Sugar Grove. Basically Fox MetroWRD treats the dirty water that is flushed down the toilet or goes down the shower etc. You will receive a separate bill from Fox Metro every other month. Fox Metro bills are also based on your water usage.

Water discounts for excess usage
Fox Metro Water Reclamation District offers a discount to residents who have watered new sod and/or filled a swimming pool. To request the discount, contact Fox Metro @ 630-301-6881 after you receive your Fox Metro WRD bill that includes the excess usage. There are no discounts available for excess water usage on the Village of Sugar Grove Utility Bill. Regardless of what the water is used for all water & sewer maintenance charges apply.

The Village of Sugar Grove Water Conservation ordinance is in effect at all times.
Even numbered properties may water with an automatic sprinkling device on even-numbered days of the month between the hours of 6 am-9 am and 6 pm-9 pm. Odd numbered properties may water with an automatic sprinkling device on odd-numbered days of the month between the hours of 6 am-9 am and 6 pm-9 pm.

Snowbird Information
If you are planning an extended vacation please us this form to insure that your utility bills are properly forwarded. Additionally in the event that there may be a problem at your home such as a water leak, we can contact you and/or your emergency contact.

Contact Information
Call the Utility Billing Dept. with questions regarding your usage or bill amount at 630-391-7202 or email genlog@sugargroveil.gov.

Call the Public Works Dept. with questions regarding water quality or service problems 630-391-7230 or email Public Works.

The Village of Sugar Grove water is drawn from five deep wells and three shallow wells.

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