Special Service and Assessment Information

Special Service Areas are established by Ordinance to provide for the maintenance of property that is under the ownership of an Association such as a homeowners or business association in the event that the association does not maintain the property.  Special Assessment Areas are set by the court system and are project specific.  All SSA’s and SA’s that may be assessed are displayed on your tax bill.

If the assessment is dormant, or not active it is shown to be charged at 0% or $0.00.    Should the SSA levied be activated the not to exceed amount varies by the Ordinances that enacted the SSA.  Any SSA or SA to be levied must be levied each year.  Levies are published in the fall of each year and set at the first meeting in November.

The following is a list of the status of all Special Service Areas and Special Assessments established in Sugar Grove.   A link is also provided to the Ordinance which provides the specific not to exceed amounts for levy and the items that could be maintained by the Village.

Special Service Areas  


No. Development  
SSA 1 Sugar Grove Research Repealed/Inactive
SSA 2 Sugar Grove Corporate Repealed/Inactive
SSA 3 Bliss Woods/Lakes of Bliss Woods Dormant
SSA 4 Windsor Pointe Dormant
SSA 5 Waterford Place Dormant
SSA 6 Walnut Woods Dormant
SSA 7 Rolling Oaks Dormant
SSA 8 Windsor West Dormant
SSA 8A Hannaford Dormant
SSA 9 Meadow Ridge Villas Dormant
SSA 10 Sugar Grove Center  

Ley Activated in 2016

SSA 11 Settlers Ridge Dormant
SSA 13 Prairie Glen Residential Dormant
SSA 14 Prairie Glen Commercial Dormant
SSA 15 The Landings Dormant
SSA 16 Mallard Point / Rolling Oaks Repealed
SA 17 Mallard Point / Rolling Oaks Established by 16th Judicial Court in 2012.
SSA 18 Wiedners Legacy Dormant
SSA 19 Prairie Glen Office Park Dormant
SSA 20 College Corners Dormant
SSA 21 Sugar Grove Research Park Lot 10 Dormant


Sugar Grove