The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the financial systems, records, and functions of the Village in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, policies and procedures. Primary functions included the monitoring of the Village’s financial state, through cash and debt management, collection of revenues, payment of expenses, billing and insurance. The Department has three divisions

Accounting Division is responsible for the accurate recording and reporting of the Village’s financial activity. To accomplish this, staff coordinates all aspects of the accounts receivable and accounts payable processes and works with all Village departments to ensure proper purchasing procedures are followed. Staff also monitors financial activity to ensure the budget, as adopted by the Village Board, is followed. The Accounting Division is also responsible for the preparation and presentation of the annual property tax levy and budget.

Human Resources is responsible for the coordination of all personnel related matters. Duties range from the oversight of the hiring process to the coordination of employee benefit programs and the processing of the bi-weekly payroll.

Utility Billing Division is responsible for invoicing residents for water usage, sanitary sewer maintenance, and garbage service on a monthly basis. This division is also responsible for the investigation and resolution of customer concerns regarding utility bills.


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Utility Billing


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