Sugar Grove Industrial TIF (TIF #1)

Established: January 17, 2012

Expires: January 17, 2035

The goal of the Sugar Grove Industrial TIF is to stimulate economic growth in the commercial and industrial area around the intersection of Dugan Road and US 30 on the west side of the Aurora Municipal Airport that has inadequate utilities and deteriorating infrastructure. Property in the TIF district is largely developed, but the absence of new growth in and adjacent to the area has deprived the area of new infrastructure improvements necessary to keep the commercial and industrial properties viable and competitive with other locations in Sugar Grove, as well as those in nearby communities. A detailed TIF boundary map is provided in the Sugar Grove Industrial TIF Redevelopment Plan Report. Since the creation of the TIF district, Scot Industries and Producers Chemicals completed major building expansions and increased local employment opportunities.

For more information about Sugar Grove’s TIF districts, please contact Mr. Walter Magdziarz, Community Development Director at 630-391-7220.

Sugar Grove