Windsor Pointe/Prestbury Water Main Extension Project

UPDATE 02/26/2019:  The water main installation has been completed and the Virgil Gillman Trail from Route 56 to Bliss Road is now open.  Restoration will be completed in the spring.

UPDATE 01/18/2019:  All the pumps have been shut off and have been removed. This completes the bypass pumping phase of the project.

This week the Contractor installed the water main through the creek and connected the water main to the stubs on the north and south sides of the creek, completing the water main installation. Water main testing and disinfection are the next phases of the project.  Restoration will need to completed in the spring.

UPDATE 01/17/2019: The Contractor installed the water main thru the creek and is in the process of making the connections to the water main on each side.  The Contractor will be working late tonight also.

UPDATE 01/15/2019: Today the Contractor will set up bypass pumps and hoses in preparation to begin the installation of the water main across the creek this week and next week.

Through the Village of Sugar Grove’s 2006 Water Works Needs Assessment Study, several infrastructure projects were identified to maintain, improve, and expand the current water distribution system.  Since that time, the Village has worked diligently to address many of these needs including water main improvements in the Dugan Woods, Mallard Point and Prairie Glen subdivisions.

The latest project will complete the extension of the water main between Settler’s Ridge and Prestbury subdivisions.  This project will enable the Village to provide better water service to both subdivisions by improving overall water quality, ensuring adequate fire flow in case of an emergency and eliminating a section of dead end water main.  The first portion of the project, from Settler’s Ridge to Windsor Pointe subdivision, was completed in 2016.

The final portion of the project from Windsor Pointe to Prestbury Subdivision began Monday, October 15, 2018.  The project is substantially completed.  The final part of this project that needs to be installed is the Creek Crossing, we anticipate this part of the water main to be installed in early 2019 with restoration occurring in the Spring of 2019.

During construction, the portion of the Virgil Gillman Trail from Route 56 to Bliss Road will be closed.

For more information regarding the project, please contact the Public Works Department at 630-391-7230.

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