Water Meter Replacement Program

The Village of Sugar Grove is pleased to announce the implementation of the Water Meter Replacement and a new automated meter reading system. The new meter reading system is replacing our old outdated technology with the latest meter reading system.

The Village has contracted this work with United Meters, Inc. (UMI) UMI is a reputable company with many years of experience installing meter systems. They will be installing a new water meter with an automated meter reading system inside your home or business. Because of the size of our Village, it will take us approximately two years to convert all the water customers to the new automated meter reading system. In September and October 2017 UMI will be sending notices asking you to contact them to schedule an appointment to have your meter changed. There is no need for you to call us at this time. UMI will contact you.
Answers to Questions About the Water Meter Replacement Program:

Why is my water meter being replaced? Your meter is being replaced for the following reasons:

  • Meters are at the end of their useful life.
  • Components of the current meters are not working properly.
  • The new radio-read system will provide improved automated meter reading.

How will I know that the people who install the water meters are working for the contractor? UMI employees will have photo ID’s. You can call 877-533-8964 to confirm his/her employment. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION. Report suspicious persons to the Village of Sugar Grove Police Department at 630-391-7250.

How long will it take to install the new metering system, which includes a meter, cable and transponder? Normal installation time is approximately 30 minutes. A person 18 years old or older must be present for the installation.

What is my responsibility? Village code states that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the water pipes and valves in their homes.