Village Proclaims May 19-25, 2019 Public Works Week

On May 7, 2019, the Village Board designated May 19-25, 2019 Public Works Week in the Village of Sugar Grove. Sponsored by the American Public Works Association since 1960, this year’s Public Works Week theme It Starts Here represents the many facets of modern civilization that grow out of the efforts of public works professionals across the country in the areas of infrastructure, growth and innovation, mobility, security and healthy communities.

Public works professionals include those who manage water, sewer, and public transportation systems, as well as those responsible for maintaining public buildings and grounds. They are, in short, the people who maintain and improve the facilities and services vital to a community’s health, safety and comfort.

The Village of Sugar Grove extends its appreciation to the men and women of the Public Works Department and recognize the contributions of all public works professionals in protecting the well-being of our residents and community.

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