Village of Sugar Grove Snow Operation Reminders

The Public Works Department works hard to keep residents safe during winter storms like last night. In addition to plowing, Public Works crews use an anti-icing program. Crews custom-blend the mixture for each snowstorm based on projected pavement and air temperatures and wind speeds to efficiently slow roadway icing.

This mixture is applied to roads up to 48 hours before it snows, and can be seen in longitudinal stripes along the pavement. It is applied again directly to the rock salt just prior to distributing the salt onto the roadway. When applied to the rock salt, the liquid mixture helps the rock salt activate and work in colder temperatures, plus reduces how much the salt bounces when it hits the pavement.

The anti-icing system has several benefits. Most importantly, it helps crews remove snow and ice from the pavement faster and at lower temperatures. Second, it reduces the average amount of salt applied during each storm by 15 to 20 percent – that saves money and is good for the environment.

Visibility from within snowplows is limited. Keep a safe distance, and remind children to also keep away from plows, including building snow forts away from streets.

Don’t park on snow-covered streets. Parking is prohibited on Village streets when two inches (2”) or more snow has accumulated. Keeping cars off the streets helps Village crews clear the roads faster and prevents your car from being plowed in. Street parking is allowed again once the snow stops and the streets have been plowed curb to curb.

Shovel sidewalks and dig out hydrants. Although plow drivers take care to selectively place snow, sometimes snow must be placed at intersections. Help keep yourself and your neighbors safe by shoveling curb ramps and digging out fire hydrants. Shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into public streets causes driving hazards and is prohibited by Village ordinance. Keep garbage cans and recycling totes out of the street so the plows do not hit them.

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