Sugar Grove Police Update Notification Software

The Village of Sugar Grove understands residents have busy lives and strives to make it as easy as possible to contact us.  We recently updated software used by the Police Department for overnight parking and vacation watch requests.   Both are now transmitted immediately to officers whether they are in the station or on the street.  The vacation watch request alerts officers that your home will be unoccupied and for what period of time.  It will email you every time your home is checked and can send alerts to you and an emergency contact if anything out of the ordinary.

Simple to access, simple to use, simply go to and choose How Do I and choose the appropriate request.

As a reminder, last year we introduced a web based request program for information and request for service to be submitted online and a service that allows you to receive notifications.   The following are links to the services described above.  If you use or plan to use them, we urge you to bookmark them now.

Overnight Parking

Vacation Watch

Sign Up for Newsletter and/or Upcoming Meeting Notices

Service Requests