New Water Main; Settlers Ridge Subdivision to Prestbury Subdivision

The Village of Sugar Grove is in the process of constructing a water main from the Settlers Ridge Subdivision to the Prestbury Subdivision.

UPDATE (03/20/2017):  There are NO water shut downs scheduled for this week.

This week the Contractor will continue the HDD drilling operations under the Golf Course.

The Contractor will finish installing the water main under Route 56 and make the Settlers Ridge water main connection.

The Water Works Needs Assessment Study identified the extension of the water main between Settlers Ridge and Prestbury as a recommended improvement. This will enable the Village to provide better water service to both subdivisions by improving overall water quality, ensuring adequate fire flow in case of an emergency and eliminating dead end water mains.

Please be aware that this project will involve temporary lane closures, noise, vibrations, staging of materials within the right-of-way, and possibly water service interruptions. There will be times when trenches may restrict access to some driveways; residents will be notified in advance if their driveway will be blocked on a particular day.

The Village of Sugar Grove’s intention is to minimize these impacts when feasible.

During construction, mail delivery and trash pick-up should not be interrupted.

The water main installation is anticipated to be completed by April 2017. (weather permitting).

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this construction project.

Michele L. Piotrowski, P.E., LEED AP

Senior Project Manager Engineering Enterprises, Inc. 52 Wheeler Road Sugar Grove, IL  60554

T: (630) 466-6724  F: (630) 466-6701