Large Refuse

Large items include:

  • Furniture
  • Carpet rolls – up to 8 rolls per week. Rolled and bundled in 4 feet lengths.
  • Do it yourself construction debris. Up to 4 cans or bundles per week. Less than 50 pounds, no more than 4 feet length and up to 24 inches in diameter
  • Toilets – separate to bowl and tank
  • Mattress and box spring are considered two separate items therefore only one may be placed out  per week.
  • Tape all mirrors and glass with an large X with strong tape

If you need to place out more than one item please call DC Trash direct at 1-815-758-7274.  An  additional charge will apply.  DC Trash will bill you direct for this charge.

If an item is over 50 pounds please contact DC Trash of Illinois  for details on disposal. 1-815-758-7274.

Does not include appliances or electronics.

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