Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance Revision and Exemption

The Kane County Stormwater Management Planning Committee is currently considering revisions to the Kane County Stormwater Ordinance. The revisions aim to make the Ordinance more user friendly, add requirements for water quality/best management practices, standardize detention triggers, promote redevelopment and provide watershed benefit options that encourage farmland preservation.

The proposed changes will affect landowners and developers who may be adding 5,000 square feet or more of roof surface, gravel or pavement on their property, however, an exemption from the proposed changes may now be requested.

Since Sugar Grove is a Certified Community, landowners and developers of property in Sugar Grove must file their exemption form request with the Village of Sugar Grove. Exemptions must be filed with and approved by the Village on or before May 15, 2019. Click here for the exemption form.

The draft Ordinance can be viewed and downloaded on the Kane County Stormwater Ordinance website: https://www.kanecountystormwaterupdate.org/updated-ordinance.html

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