Road Maintenance Fee for Infrastructure Improvement Program Activated

The goal of the Village of Sugar Grove’s Infrastructure Improvement Program is to improve and maintain streets. Annually Village Staff and the Village Engineer review the condition of all streets in the Village and make a recommendation to the Village Board. The Board reviews the recommendation and determines the annual street maintenance program.

The Village has over 70 centerline miles of roadway. The estimated annual cost to maintain these roadways at the engineer’s recommended level is about $2,000,000. The Village currently receives about $240,000 a year in Motor Fuel Taxes (MFT), for street maintenance, barely a fifth of what is needed. Future MFT funding is uncertain as the State of Illinois considers taking money from local governments to address their budget issues.

In addition to MFT monies the Village aggressively pursues grants to help fund street repairs. Grants are becoming less available and are limited to certain types of roadways. The Village also uses general revenues when available. Through aggressive financial management the Village has been able to spend about $500,000 annually on road maintenance in total.

Realizing that the Village must place itself in a position to maintain its streets in order to remain a viable vibrant community and attract quality development, the Board discussed various options to better maintain roads. Additionally, recognizing that the Village needs to take care of itself due to the uncertainty of grants or state funding, the Board made the decision to create an Infrastructure Improvement Program.

This Program will result in streets with improved pavement quality and a prolonged lifespan. While it was not an easy decision as to how to fund the Program the Board ultimately decided on a monthly fee. The Board recognized that to truly make a difference the additional funding is necessary, however, the desire was to not unduly burden residents. The fee has been established at the same level as the reduced refuse cost ($5.59), resulting in no net change in a household’s monthly utility bill. One could say that the savings gained in refuse collection will be recycled into our saving streets.

If you have a comment or concern please feel free to call the Public Works Department at 630/391-7230 or email us at Additional information on the program and can be found here.