Expanded Online Access For Utility Bills, Payments, Permits, and Service Requests

The Village of Sugar Grove recently completed the installation of software that offers users additional access.   The software is called Access My Gov and provides residents, utility customers, and businesses a more efficient means of access to their utility account and more.  The current balance, usage history, and payment history of a utility can easily be viewed.  The payment system allows payment by credit, debit, or electronic check and can even be used to set up reoccurring payments.   (With the utility payment service there is no service charge.)

Access My Gov may also be used to submit and track a request for service, apply for a building permit, request an inspection, and pay for a building permit online. (There will be a service charge with the building permit pay option).

All these features are located in one area, eliminating the need to jump from screen to screen if you are visiting for more than one reason.

You don’t need to create an Access My Gov account to access the services.  However, you will need your account number to access billing information.  We do encourage you to create an account.   Why Create an Account?  Creating an account allows you to take advantage of the My Favorite Records feature of Access My Gov and once you sign in all your features and billing information are readily available.

If you have any questions regarding Access My Gov please give us a call at 630-391-7203.

To view Access My Gov please click here.