Electric Aggregation Fall Update

The Village of Sugar Grove is a Municipal Electric Aggregation Community.   In 2011, Sugar Grove voters approved a referendum authorizing the Village to bid for a provider of electric service for residential and small business customers.  This process of bidding for electric service is referred to as a Municipal Aggregation Program or simply an aggregation program.  Although the supplier of electricity may change with an aggregation program, ComEd continues to transmit and distribute the electricity and perform all billing and service functions.

Attached is the Fall 2017 Newsletter from NIMEC the Villages consultant regarding recent rate changes.   Sugar Grove’s current rate thru the aggregation is 6.864 and the current ComEd Rate is 7.149.   The Village’s energy supplier thru the aggregation program is Dynegy Energy Services.  The energy supplier’s name is noted on your ComEd bill.

For more information please view the attached NIMEC Newsletter.  If you are unsure of your supplier or if you are part of the aggregation please call NIMEC at 1-800-727-3820.  Please do not call the Village as our staff does not have access to this information.

As a side note the Villages electric supplier will never solicit at your home or call.  The Village cannot prevent solicitors from approaching your home or calling you and some may say they are approved by the Village.  However, remember the Villages supplier will not solicit door-to-door or call you.  Those that state they are approved by the Village are referring only to their solicitor license as the Village does approve solicitor licenses.

The approval of a license does not indicate that the solicitors products or services have  approval by the Village.  It is always up to you, the customer to make product or service need determination .  However, all solicitors must be licensed, and therefore approved, by the Village.   All solicitors must prominently display their Village license.   If they do not or you have any questions about solicitors in your area please call 911 immediately.

There is no municipal aggregation program for the provision of natural gas.