Trustee Sean Herron


Family: I am married to my lovely wife Sarah and we have two amazing children Declan and Kyla.

Experience: I spent ten years as a soldier in the Army before moving to Sugar Grove. I split my ten years up, five years on active duty and five years in the reserves.  After the Army I was an account manager and brand advocate at Whirlpool Corporation.  Currently I am a 2nd grade teacher right here in the Kaneland school district.

Education: Trinity Christian College, B.A. in Elementary Education (2012) and Northern Illinois University M.S. Ed (2016)

Years a resident: Sarah and I moved to Sugar Grove in 2008. We are on our second house in Sugar Grove and plan to raise both of our children here.

Activities: I enjoy volunteering my time to various activities throughout the community, working with children, spending time with my family and just about any outdoor activity.

Why I ran for public office: I ran for public office for a few reasons.  One reason was that I love to serve.   That is the same reason I became a teacher and enlisted in the military.  Another reason is that I also believe that it is our responsibility to be involved in our community.  We get out of our community what we put into it.

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