Trustee David Paluch


Term of Office: May 2011 thru May 2019

I want to thank the voters of Sugar Grove for electing me. My wife Deb and I moved to Sugar Grove in 1996. We wanted to live in a community with a small town feel. We chose Sugar Grove for it’s friendly and safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, and a great school system. Everyday, we know we made the right decision to call Sugar Grove home.

I believe in the greatness of our citizens and community, and I will work hard to make sure the values and principles that makes Sugar Grove a great community stay that way. I believe in smart and reasonable growth, and will work to keep our streets and citizens safe. With the recent economic worries, the Board has been financially responsible, understanding that is important to keep our Village on a path of economic stability.

I encourage all residents to be active in the Village, and to make sure they’re aware of what the Board is doing to help make Sugar Grove an even place to live. I believe in open and honest government, and to help keep us accountable to you! Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions or concerns about what is going on the Sugar Grove.

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