Trustee Heidi Lendi


I have been married to my husband, Louis, since 1992. I have two daughters, Emerald and Amethyst.


Bachelor of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology

Minors: Civil Engineering & City and Regional Planning

Years as a resident:

I moved to Sugar Grove when I built my house in 2003.

Work Experience:

I have owned a small architectural firm since 1999, and I have worked on many commercial and residential projects ranging from the very small to the very large.


I have served as a Village Trustee since 2017.  Before that, I served as a Village Plan Commissioner from 2013 – 2017. Also, I have been a Girl Scout leader for troops in Sugar Grove since 2011.

Why I became a Trustee:

I became a Trustee because I love Sugar Grove’s dual identity as both a small rural community and growing suburb, and I wanted to help preserve it.  I am also very interested in nature and outdoor activities, so I wanted to help the Village maintain and enhance its superb relationship with the environment. Finally, I am always receiving ideas & feedback from Sugar Grove residents and I wanted to make sure their voices were always heard.  I believe being a small business owner, my background in City and Regional Planning, and my volunteer work in the community provide me with skills essential for accomplishing these things.


Term of Office: October 2017 thru May 2019

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