Be Prepared for Severe Weather

It is that time of the year when flowers bloom and thunder booms. Are you prepared in the event of a damaging storm? The most important thing you can do is stay informed. Most of the injuries and deaths happen to people who are unaware, uninformed or who chose to ignore issued warnings. For this reason, it is crucial that you understand the warning system, take appropriate shelter and be prepared.

Sugar Grove has an Outdoor Early Warning Siren System consisting of seven sirens. If you hear a siren, immediately seek shelter. This system is designed to inform persons who are outdoors of imminent severe weather. Never rely solely on outdoor sirens as they are subject to equipment malfunction and can fail due to damage from lightning. Sirens are not intended to alert people who are in cars, homes, or other buildings. Hearing sirens indoors may have been possible in the past, however, energy conservation practices and better insulation have reduced the sound penetration into these areas. Also, most buildings are air-conditioned and unlikely to have open windows in the summer.

Television and radio are vital components of the warning system. Local television and radio stations routinely broadcast official “Watches” and “Warnings” as well as weather forecasts. Broadcast television and radio, while being an excellent source of information, have a major disadvantage; your radio or television must have power and be turned on. If the TV or radio is not on or you are in another room, you will probably miss the warning.

By monitoring a NOAA Radio, you can receive weather alert messages the instant they are issued. NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from the nearest National Weather Service office. NOAA radios can be purchased at most stores that sell electronics. There are also app’s that will alert you when severe weather is approaching.

The Kane County CodeRED® system does not issue weather warnings, however, it is an important tool for emergency notifications. The system allows officials to telephone targeted areas or the entire County if an emergency requires immediate action. If you have a listed landline number, you are in the system. If you have an unlisted number, use a cell phone, or an internet system, you must request to be added.  There is also a mobile alert app available. To sign up or for information, click here or call 630-232-5985.

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